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Exotic Fruits


Benicarló, Spain.
2017 - Present

Exotic Fruits Azahar is a company dedicated to the distribution of fruit, vegetables, and other products to restaurants, shops, and hotels in the area for years. Launched its online shop at the beginning of 2020.



With more than 100 registered products

Product photography

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Product photography

Artichoke: Denomination of Origin Benicarló


Optimised for e-commerce

A project made from top to bottom: from branding with prints, uniforms, and vans, to create the entire e-commerce from scratch.

Real photographs of Exotic Fruits products, edited and optimised for the web, as well as SEO texts.

The shop is linked to Facebook to carry out campaigns and sales from the social network.


Business Card

One-sided full-colour

Plastic Bag

3 Inks: Black, Pink and Green on White

E-commerce shipping box

Sticker A5 Full Colour

Delivery van

Printed vinyl